Hi all.  We are Kevin, Ally, River and Bodhi…and we’ve gone tiny.  Our desire to go tiny started in a small way a few years ago.  We started to hear about others doing it and we watched a few HGTV shows.  It was fun imagining what ours would look like and how we would design it, but we honestly never dreamed that it would become our reality.

Fast forward a few years and Kevin was working tirelessly at a tech company and Ally was working tirelessly to keep up with our 2 year old twin boys.  It felt like all of our money, time and energy were going toward our mortgage and the upkeep of our Seattle home. We literally weren’t able to put even $1 into savings since our twins were born.  We knew that there had to be a life that didn’t involve working just to live…a life that was actually worth living.  We looked into more affordable housing in Seattle, but it just doesn’t exist as prices are only rising there, and that’s when the tiny house seed was planted.

Prior to becoming a mama, Ally was a kindergarten teacher and a yoga instructor.  She got her masters in Environmental Education from the University of Washington (UW) and is incredibly passionate about getting children outdoors.  Kevin graduated from the Vancouver Film School and has a master’s degree from the UW in Communications with a focus in digital media. We figure that with our combined skills, some creativity and hard work, we can absolutely make life on the road work with children and have fun while we’re at it.  

We want these boys to spend hours playing outside everyday.  We want them to understand how connected we are to everything in nature and how it works cyclically to provide for itself and for us.   We want them to feel intrinsically grateful for what Mother Nature provides for them and to always know where to find solace when we aren’t around anymore.  We could absolutely do those things living in a traditional home, but we think it’s just more fun this way.

After having twins, our worlds got rocked.  We would both agree that the first year with these two was the hardest thing we’ve ever done.  You sacrifice so much of yourself: sleep, showers, hot caffeine, your body.  Then your brain turns to mush, you obsess over organic vegetables and rashes and sleep schedules and completely forget about your passions and hobbies.  We couldn’t have done it without each other, even though most days we wanted to kill each other!  The range of emotions as a new parent are incredibly overwhelming and nothing can prepare you for it.  

So, this journey is not only about introducing our boys to this beautiful country, but also about getting us back to things we love and miss and to connect as a family.  With less financial responsibility, we will get more authentic time together, which we are all really looking forward to.  

Please follow our journey here and reach out.  We are excited to meet new people on this adventure, see things we haven’t seen before , and explore new and familiar places through a fresh lens.